Frequently asked questions

¿What is the average delivery time of an order?

Our delivery time is minimum 24-48h on working days. At the moment we do not deliver on weekends or holidays. For more information, please refer to our delivery policy.

¿Can I choose the delivery date of my order?

The answer is YES. When you are in the process of purchasing, you will see a calendar in which you can choose the delivery date you want.  Please, take into account a margin of 48 hours from the completion of the order. At the moment, we do not offer the service of delivering the order in a specific time slot.

¿Realizáis pedidos internacionales?

De momento no realizamos pedidos Internacionales, estamos trabajando en este aspecto. De todas maneras, si quieres un pedido internacional envíanos un correo.

¿Can I make a purchase from the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands or Ceuta and Melilla?

Currently we are doing shipments to the Balearic Islands. If you help us to spread our brand around the islands, we will get the shipping costs significantly reduced for the benefit of all 😉. On the other hand, we still do not offer the shipping service to the Canary Islands or Ceuta and Melilla, but we are working on it.

¿I entered some wrong details when I placed my order. What should I do?

Do not worry, everything has a solution. Send us an email to indicating your order number and explaining your incidence and we will take care of everything.

¿Where can I see the invoice for the purchase I have made?

Once you have made the purchase, at the top right of the web page we have an icon so that our customers can enter their profile. Once inside, you can review your personal information, your billing history and repeat any previously  processed request.

¿I have not received any confirmation of my order, why?

In case you have not received the confirmation, check the spam tray to verify that it has not been treated as junk mail. If this is not the case, contact us at and we will solve it as soon as possible.

¿How long do I have to return a product?

The maximum term for returns is 14 days. To proceed with a return, see our Política de devolución and get in touch with us through for any questions you might have.

¿I have received a wrong order

If you receive an order that does not correspond with your purchase, please contact us at within a maximum period of 14 days from the reception of the product. You must send us an image not only of the container of the item you have received, but also of the product box. Please, also send the proof of payment and shipping.  Pirxots will assume both the shipping cost of the product to be returned and the shipping cost of the new product to be delivered.

In the event that a product has been used, opened or does not contain the information with which it was sent, we will not be able to proceed to the devolution.

¿What are the payment methods to purchase an order?

Currently you can make the payment with credit or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) or through PayPal. At the moment, we do not offer money transfers as a method of payment.