Who we are

Pirxots Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand born in Barcelona aimed at young people with no knowledge of skin care. Our goal is to guide our customers through a skin care process in order to improve their overall wellness by providing quality products with affordable prices.

¿Do you like to do crazy things?

We love it

Keeping in mind that youth is one of the most beautiful and crazy moments in life (who hasn’t ever been injured or broken something doing the kamikaze…?), we have to be aware of how decisions made now can affect our not too distant future.

Therefore, we should never forget the importance of skin care to shine and preserve our beauty. Climb a mountain, go for the big wave, take a parachute jump, do whatever you feel like.

But remember this!

Your skin needs to be protected from external factors that try to damage it

So, sit down at the seashore, have a beer or a chilled wine, smile, enjoy the moment and feel yourself protected by PIRXOTS COSMETICS

Would you invite yourself to a drink?